miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

The bad men

I woke up that  morning feeling really strange. I didn´t know exactly what it was. Its very unusual because i wake up very happy and with great thinks. But in this cause was differents ,  i had an idea that round in my head with clarity. In the  last evening, i was study  and eaten some pice of bread in my kitchen and  stayed  a lot of time in here.  And obviously in a moment i was tired and went to sleep to my bedroom.  My bedroom’s windos is oposite the street, for that  i always heard the outside sound.
Suddenly, in the middle of the night i woke up very  worried and frigthened, but i didn’t know for what?. For that i went to my window for take some aire and calm. But in this moment i saw something  very terrible and frigthened me more. I saw to my neighbor  who lives in the  finish of the street, killed to Little dog, I didn’t know what to do, i cry a lot but i didn’t want shout because i thought  the bad men could be hurts me, I was in shock and afraid.

In a moment my dad entered to my bed (but i don’t know why, mybe the father ‘s instinct) and answered me: What do you happens?, because  He saw me cray and afried. For that i told him and my dad called the pólice. The bad gay was  to arrest, but the por dog death.       

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