miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Maya's predictions

The last week my friend and I spoken about this topic because Paula saw a program in Mega where talked about the end of the world. She told we that In this program the people explained their end of world believes and what their do to avoid their death. Obviously we laugh of this people because we don’t believe of the ends of the world.
In presentations of prehistory (a subject we do this semester),   A group exposed about the maya’s calendar. This calendar have a relation with the end of the world believes, because a Mayan created a “cuenta larga” calendar and in the December 21 this calendar ends, haven’t anything after this date. For that many people interpreted this (end of the calendar) with the end of the world. And this is a rational answer to the “Maya’s predictions” and the end of the world. The people see what they want to see.
I don’t think the end of the world happens, less this way. Because if the world will end, will be for the human action and not of natural ways. In this program (on mega), a woman told about a huge wave to cover an extensive America territory. This, I think it’s a joke, very bad joke because many people think that it’s true and live with fear all the time. Remember the 2000, a large amount of mass suicides for the end of the world; Sad!
It’s clear, I don’t believe of the end of the world on December 21.  For that I will not do something eccentric or strange in this date or before.