martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Family's day

Hello, in this moment, the teacher let me to write about something that I like a lot. The true is: I don’t know to writing. I want to write a lot of thing like my hobby, the thing that I like my dog or other. The decision is very complicated. For that I m going to tell you about my Family’s Sunday.  This day is very important for my dad (I don’t know why) for that my family (mom, dad, brother and sister) and I have lunch together. If I or my brother sleep outside (other house), we have to arrive early to home. My dad becomes angry if we arrive late.

My dad goes to the supermarket and buys delicious food for the lunch, like a back of pig, or raviolis, or makes a lasagna or other.  My daddy cooks the food, sometime my mom helps him, I make the salad, and my sister put the table (sometime my brother put there, but is very uncommon). It is a Family’s work J.Obviously; we eat very late like 4 or 5 in the afternoon. We have a great moment; we talk about us week, an important thing that happens in this country, or talk about politics or other topic very important and interesting. We stay sitting until the evening.
I like the Sunday days, it’s very important to me because I stay with my family all the day. In the week this is not possible, because my parents and brother work and my sister and I are students for that we have a different time.  
I hope that you make the similar thing with your family because is a grated form to stay together and have a time for us.
Good bye!

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011


Hello! in this moment I want to write about a picture that i love it. Its very difficult chooses a one picture, because I have a lot of them in my Facebook, and show important event for me.
In this case, i want share a beautiful pic where it was photograph the geyser of Taito. This is not my favorite picture but I think that is wonderful because show us  an amazing event of nature. I do not remember that who took this picture (maybe Rodrigo, Catalina [my friends] or me), but it is not important. This picture was taken in October in 2010, when my Friends and  me traveled to San Pedro, north of Chile. We went to the Anthropology Congress, and known a lot of part of San Pedro too. This experience was very exciting and unforgettable.

I like this picture because a remember this moment very well. We went to know the geyser very early, 4 o'clock at the morning. This mornig was very cold and the road to arrived to the geyser was very long. But when we arrived to geyser, we was in shock. This place was very beautiful and i think that this picture prove this. The gayser emerged of the ground, the mountain in back and bright sky is very amazing.

You should to know this place! Do not be repentant!
Trust me!

Good week, bye!

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Education problems!


 Iwant write for something very important and contingent, it is the problem with the education. During this year (and the  previous) the student organized a lot of strike for asked a resolution in the educational problems.  The request are (mainly) equity in the enter to university, improvement in the programs education and increase aid for part of state.
I think that the mobilization are good because it is important that student fight for their rights.  The government should finance the public education, don’t let privatizing the education. The educational minister is depriving a lot of scholarships given to student with economic problems. In actually, I am study with credit, if the state didn’t give me that, I could not study. I think that this situation is very common. For that, I informed of the situation of education and I discussed with my peers. Its obviously that I went to the demonstration on Thursday. I asked for the joust education.
I think that the government should listen the student and thy will debate for the problem to education. The government should not get the financing for student with economical problem, and they should leave to privatize the education.

The education is a right for all, without discrimination!     

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

If i were to London....

In de future, I hope to travel to England because i think that country its amazing. London is the capital of England and has beautiful places. If sometime I can to travel to this country I will know a lot of places.  In a week I will meet very important and beautiful places. The truth is: I make a table to planning my visit of someone places, its very freak, but is a big illusion. Obviously I used the tube because I don`t have a lot of money and is most funny, it was a adventure :)   In my first day on London I visit the London eye, a fabulous panorama to see London from the top, is expensive but worth it :) (cost  18.6 pounds, cheapest fare). I m going in the evening because i have to rest after the plain. I take the tube like transport because is most cheap. The London eye stay in the embankement station. The second day, I will go to tower of London, this place tis very important to history of that country because was a prison, very scary!. The tower stays in the tower hill station and opens from 10 o’clock at the morning, for that I going in the morning and have the evening free. The next day in going to the British museum, and stay in here all the day because is very big and interesting, And the wonderful things is that it is Free! Fabulus. I take the tube and download in the Holborn station.  The others day I am going to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in the afternoon and see the all wax dool, Funny!. To Natural History Museum, im going in the morning in Friday, this place is free and stay in the south Kensington in zone ! like others tube station that I will take. In Saturday, im going to Camden Market to buy souvenir and give for may family. (I hope to not expensive). In may free time , im resting or waking in the city and goin to bar or dancing club :D
Obviously I know others places that I don´t put in my table, like the big beng or Buckingham palace, but that will see in the road.

If you have information of other place, tell me please.!

Bye have a good week and be happy :)!