miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

My life proyect

It very difficult to speak about the future, even more of my proyects and dreams.  But can be funny.  In 15 years i was 35 years old and i will have finished the university (pregado) and will probably  have a work and family (at least have a child).
i think that it will probaly that i have the same fiend to now because i have a stong  bond with them;  especially with my school friends. And obviously its will probably to know other people.  I will have traveled to other countrys because its very important for me to know other places, but i ned money for that.
I will have had a good relation with my family because we are very close, it think that i might live with my brother because we have a good relation and get on very well. Obviously  i am going to have a family but i will not get married, i dont belived in the marriage.
Professionali, i think that i might do a post grade because i think that its very important to develop in the area, and  i will be working in a job  to like me, but in anything to involve to work in a office because  i like a free air.  
Good luky!


miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

I can`t die if i don’t go to…!

This topic is very difficult, because I would to know a lot of places. All the people have the dreams: I want to know all the world, and I think that I have the same dream. But in this moment I write for a place that I know but I would like to go again, it’s Salvador de Bahia.
Salvador de Bahia is in Brazil, It’s a very important town and the population is majority black. In 2006 I went whit my school class to this town, but we stayed in here a little time (2 days), for that I would like to go again. In this place, we know the street market (was enormous) and a little of the center. And the beach too. (very beautiful)
The true is: if I didn’t go again, I would be regret, because this town is amazing. I would like to know very well and if I could, I would stay here for a long time. There people is very kind and happy, and its streets are very beautiful. If I went, I would walk on the paved streets and swim in the sea.
If I had the money, I would go with my family because I want that my family know this place. I think that they love it. If I didn’t go with my family, I would do with a friend or a boyfriend. And the last option is going alone, but I know that I would have a good time too.  
It’s very fanny to think about a travel that you wish did, because you dream with this place and imagine us in here. But the dreams can be possible 

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

vacation with class

In this year, my faculty had a big strike because we fought for a better education in Chile. This strike last 5 months, because in November, the students decided to come back to finish the second semester.  This decision involves to have a class in vacations.  In the Christmas and new years, we will worry for classes that will be boring.
  It’s very complicate to have a semester in 2 months, because it’s the knowledge is much to be learned in so little time. In this semester I have 5 subject and English.  I hope to have good grades in the subjects because my vacations (in February) wil be better, because I am not going to have to study in this time.
The bad thing for this strike (for me) is that I all the years I worked in December and January, but now I can’t for the class. I expected to work well this year because I have the money for holidays, but that doesn’t happen.
 But the strike wasn’t in vane.

I hope to have a good Christmas and new years. J