miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

My life proyect

It very difficult to speak about the future, even more of my proyects and dreams.  But can be funny.  In 15 years i was 35 years old and i will have finished the university (pregado) and will probably  have a work and family (at least have a child).
i think that it will probaly that i have the same fiend to now because i have a stong  bond with them;  especially with my school friends. And obviously its will probably to know other people.  I will have traveled to other countrys because its very important for me to know other places, but i ned money for that.
I will have had a good relation with my family because we are very close, it think that i might live with my brother because we have a good relation and get on very well. Obviously  i am going to have a family but i will not get married, i dont belived in the marriage.
Professionali, i think that i might do a post grade because i think that its very important to develop in the area, and  i will be working in a job  to like me, but in anything to involve to work in a office because  i like a free air.  
Good luky!


2 comentarios:

  1. I really hope you can reach your goals :)

  2. I really like that you think to have a good relation in the future with your family! It is important