miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

I can`t die if i don’t go to…!

This topic is very difficult, because I would to know a lot of places. All the people have the dreams: I want to know all the world, and I think that I have the same dream. But in this moment I write for a place that I know but I would like to go again, it’s Salvador de Bahia.
Salvador de Bahia is in Brazil, It’s a very important town and the population is majority black. In 2006 I went whit my school class to this town, but we stayed in here a little time (2 days), for that I would like to go again. In this place, we know the street market (was enormous) and a little of the center. And the beach too. (very beautiful)
The true is: if I didn’t go again, I would be regret, because this town is amazing. I would like to know very well and if I could, I would stay here for a long time. There people is very kind and happy, and its streets are very beautiful. If I went, I would walk on the paved streets and swim in the sea.
If I had the money, I would go with my family because I want that my family know this place. I think that they love it. If I didn’t go with my family, I would do with a friend or a boyfriend. And the last option is going alone, but I know that I would have a good time too.  
It’s very fanny to think about a travel that you wish did, because you dream with this place and imagine us in here. But the dreams can be possible 

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