miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

Be green!!

How green are you? It’s a difficult question because i think the people is conscious about this topic but they don’t do anything for to care the environment. The true is I don’t do too, but it is not because I don`t want to be something about my environment, only is because I don’t know a lot of this topic. For that, obviously I don’t know where the people learn to be friendly with their environment; if you know, please tell me.

I don´t be incorporated in a program of recycling, Maybe, I do something of  “recycling” when I drink beer in the university, because I pick up the canning of beer and bounce to the recycling’s  trash and when I go to my uncle plot, the trash is separated in organic and not organic, because my uncle use the organic trash like a manure.

I think I help to the environment, because sometimes I use the bike or my legs for walking and go to close place, if I can’t do that I use the publish transport because I don’t know to drive a car.
If I could be part of a eco-organization, I don't know if I would do it; because I think I should have a change of my mind for be part of this organization. I must be a change of lifestyle, and this is a very long process. Maybe when I am prepared, I will be part of this type of organization. But in this moment I m going to do all to stay reach of my hand

2 comentarios:

  1. You can try to do more recycling stuff maybe, saving all the plastic bottles that you use, and throw them on the recycling bins that are put in some supermarkets :)

  2. Your uncle is doing a good thing for recycle. I think is a good way to do it! And using the waste for the plants or trees, it's even better.