miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

What is the sense of life?

Very hard questions, very philosophic. I think we always think about this, but its difficult writer in a paper this topic, because put my thinking in word is complex and its possible the people have a difference with my view points. But well.

The sense of life for me it’s tray to be happy with all things that I do, like in my family life, professional life and others area; because if you are happy, your environment will be happy.  it’s very sad to see a people doing thing that they don’t like because their life are very poor and sometimes they don’t want to live. Other important things is have a light life, I mean of don’t fight with other people, have an smile in your face all time, be kind with other, principally with the people who need it’s the most, and like Chileans said “no enrollarse”, it’s a good advice J  

But the most important thing you should have very clear your sense of life, because this give us the roads direction that we will have to follow and with this form you don’t go out of the way.
A phrase that I want to share:  “Be the change you want to see in the world.

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  1. Nice Verona :) I think the sense of life, It is to be happy too with all around you